Third Party Reviews

Chris O. | August 11, 2018 |

"I needed a much needed hair cut as I was going to have breakfast the next day with family. So I came to Sport Clips at 5:35pm( they close at 06:00pm). From the second I walked in the two older ladies looked at each other then me. I know I'm tall but I felt like there was a grizzly bear standing behind me. Immediately the one woman locked the door behind me, said nothing to me as I checked in and sat down. I waited 10 mins patently. Then a chair opens up, but the woman heads to the back of the store for like 5 mins, then comes out from the back and asks.. can you pay now? I say, sure as the other woman who finishes cutting hair, lets the customer out and asks me.. Your only getting a hair cut right? I say are you asking or telling me as I was hoping for the hot towel VIP service. I say yes but I want you to spend time cutting my hair the right way and not rush, to which she says that's fine but you only want a haircut, right? I then said I'll go elsewhere and she said no your fine, we just want to cash out the drawer at 0600pm. I said I wanted the whole VIP, but was starting to feel not wanted as get this, they might have to stay after a few mins to cut my hair. But they were trying to give me a quick cut and I didn't feel like I was going to get a good service, so I opted to go. And said I'll just try again tomorrow at another store. What's crazy is, nether one said anything like don't worry your fine, we'll take care of you, or made me feel like I was important as a customer. I felt like I was garbage or imposed a problem. Any other store that closes at a specific time will try to help you find your needs or will close up shop to let you finish before approaching you that the store is closed, it's 05:55pm and they wanted me out the door. I will not return to this location. And upset that Sport Clips allows this type of Customer Service."

Cc Corbo | July 24, 2018 |

"Very nice salon .she did a great job. !And the price was great.!"

Patrick B. | May 11, 2018 |

"I've been coming to thie Sports Clips for years. I've had but 2 stylists in those years. One has moved up to LA, the other, Bridget, sees me still. Bridget does a phenomenal job! Always to my liking, and she is as professional and friendly as anyone can be!!!"

Sara A. | February 11, 2014 |

"My husband went there for the first time this girl who is named Tina she is adorable and also her work is wonderful my husband is really picky and he loved her work so much that i went and got my haircut with her too and i love my hair now! my recommendation is go there and ask for Tina she is the best! :)"

Peggy M. | March 13, 2015 |

"We had a great experience with Bridget yesterday! My son is early teen and really doesn't care what "style" his hair is in, he just wants something easy. He's very shy, yet I don't want to be "that" mom who speaks on his behalf all the time. We had a few pics on Pinterest to show her, she talked to both me and my son, then worked magic! He came in with longish shaggy hair and came out with a fresh style and she showed him how easy it was to create that hip, messy look. He walked out proud and looking good. Love Bridget, her cuts and her ease!"

Brian B. | August 30, 2015 |

"I went in July 2015 because of their radio promotion called the Double Play, where you buy one MVP and the next one is free. I went in today and Alexis did a great job in cutting my hair. But, when she looked me up in the system there was no record of my Double Play purchase on the previous visit. I realize that it wasn't her fault because somebody else helped me on the last visit. She told me that even though she was familiar with the Double Play, it wasn't in the computer and so there was nothing she could do. I like the Sports Clip business model; they sell packages to make sure you come back. But, their execution is pretty loose and you don't get anything tangible to substantiate what you purchased. I don't trust them so I won't be doing business with any of their stores again."

Ernie R. | September 29, 2015 |

"What a joke. I just got up and left this place. There was an 1 and a half hour wait with three stylists, clearly they don't staff correctly. Then while I'm waiting my time I notice a stylist packing up her station. Sure enough, they cut a stylist and go down to just two with a full lobby and 10 people on the wait. No apology or any sense of urgency at all amongst the staff. Clearly they believe they don't have a responsibility for ensuring their guests are taken care of and are solely concerned with labor. I'd rather go somewhere I'm valued. They"

Nichole G. | February 20, 2016 |

"My boyfriend and my son have been coming here for about 7 months or so. It's always a hit and miss with the stylists. Needless to say, My son won't go near the place unless his girl is there, Bridget. Stick with Bridget and Amy and you will be very happy with your cut. Hopefully they hire some new ladies soon that are just as great as them. Thanks ladies for making my men happy"

Brad V. | February 24, 2016 |

"I for whatever reason have come to this one and the San Clemente from time to time. I guess pressed for time. I am always disappointing. They are always nice for the most part but from the experiences I have had especially my last one 3 weeks ago here was really bad. Like Great clips/Fantastic Sames bad. I hate to sound harsh but if I could use one word to describe this place it is amateurish . My sides were totally uneven as was the top of my head. They didn't know what a fade was and i had to get it cleaned up at my usual spot at V's. They are about the same price but V's does a much better job. I wont be back...ever. Really disappointing."

Greg S. | July 25, 2016 |

"Warning, not all stylists are equal here. Christina and Bridget are super duper, but I have had 2 separate occasions where other rstylists have given my high school age son a complete BUZZ CUT with clippers when that is NOT WHAT HE WANTED. The first time was with someone who didn't speak very good english, so I get that, it happens. It was too late by the time she took a swipe thru the middle with a clipper. It was bad, they knew it, they said they were sorry, they screwed up and said it was free and SWORE this would never happen again. Except for it did. 6 months later. Right before Senior Portraits, ugh...Different stylist, but they gave the same son another BUZZ CUT when he just wanted a clip with SCISSORS ONLY. Son is upset, wife is upset, I am upset. This time nobody called to say they were sorry either and they charged me. Bad form. Very disappointed."